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What is Digiturk Play IP Box?

Digiturk Play IP Box is a device produced in cooperation with AirTies to watch Digiturk’s sports, cinema, national, news, children, and more than 80 national channel broadcasts from your TV via internet cable connection without any need to satellite dish, installation.

Digiturk Play Internet Setup

Digiturk Play IP Box TV Mobile Tablet Computer Package Installation:

Product installation for Digiturk Play IP Box is very easy. You connect the IP box to the internet and TV, after you turn on the box, you are asked for an email and password for one time. You enter the email and password, which we send to you after activation, and you start watching your channels.

At the same time, you can watch your favorite channels from your smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere you like with the same email and password.

Digiturk Play Mobile + Tablet + Computer Setup

There is no installation! After your order is completed, your activation process will be completed and your username and password will be sent to you. You can start watching your channels immediately by entering your login information in Digiturk’s Outland Play Application in your smartphone.

How to install Digiturk Play on Samsung Smart TV


! The channels in the Super League category can only be watched live in Sports Package. With the family package you can rewatch games and other programs excluding live broadcasts.

What is Digiturk Play?

Digitürk Play is a web broadcasting that allows you to watch TV broadcasts such as Turkey channels, Turkey Super League and the Basketball League via your computer or mobile device without the need for a satellite dish via adaptive streaming feature that streaming live 24 hours “LiveStream” technology with guarantee unfreezing.

Broadcast Package

Family Package (National channels only): Digiturk Play family package option offers advantage of enjoying Turkey’s preferred national channels, news channels, movies, cartoons, documentary channels, Turkish music channels, women’s and entertainment programs, and a lot of different types of content. Watch it live or take the record back for 12 hours! Watch your favourite series in national channels at any time with the ability to retrack or record.

Family + Sports Package (Full Package): Family + Sports Package option offers advantage of watching all the breath-taking games of the Spor Toto Super League and Spor Toto Basketball League in HD quality. At the same time, you can find a lot of content in national channels, news channels, movies, cartoons, documentary channels, Turkish music channels, women’s programs, and more within this package. Watch it live or take the record back for 12 hours! Watch your favorite series in national channels, missed games of four great teams with Ligkolig, matches highlights of Super League, and most popular programs of beIN SPORTS in Europe anytime you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How fast should my internet speed be?

The internet speed must be the slowest 1 Mbit/s or faster to be able to watch broadcasts via Digiturk internet.

2Can I connect to Digiturk IP Box via Wlan (wireless connection)?
Yes, you can connect your Digiturk Humax IP box to your internet via WLAN wirelessly. At the same time, you can connect the IP Box to your modem via internet cable.

3How to install the device?
In case you buy the Ip box product, there are IP box, adapter, remote control, and HDMI cable in the package that is shipped to you. You can watch direct broadcasts after you have connected your IP box to your internet via cable or Wlan (wireless connection) and connected to the TV via HDMI cable. In the products without IP Box, you can directly watch the broadcasts with Digiturk Yurtdisi App, which you download to your smart phone, tablets via the login information given to you. After the activation process, support & information related to installation and use is provided by our customer service by email and telephone support. You can get detailed information about Digiturk installation here

4Can I watch the broadcasts immediately after purchase?
Yes you can. if you have made payment such with Paypal, sofort überweisung, credit card payment methods between 8:00 and 17:00, the activation process is performed immediately and you can watch broadcasts via smart phone, tablet, computer with login information given to you. If you order after 18:00, your activation process will be performed next business day.

5What is the difference between subscription with IP Box or without?
You can watch your TV broadcasts and hundreds of movies from the movie archive via subscriptions with IP Box in addition you can play again your missed series, movies, fulltime or highlight of match, documentary via your television. You can pause the live broadcast and play broadcast back up to 12 hours. With IP Box, you can connect to internet via your TV, and use Facebook, Youtube. With IP Box subscriptions, you can watch broadcasts via TV, computer, tablet and smart phone.

*Netflix (movie platform) application is available in Digiturk IP Box, you can log in and watch thousands of movies via television if you are member of Netflix. Those who do not have Netflix subscription can enjoy thousands of movies by getting a free monthly trial subscription if they wish.

If you do not have an IP box, you can watch broadcasts with your smart phone, computer, tablet via Digiturk Yurtdisi app and Digiturk live broadcast platform. You can play again your missed series, movies, full time or highlight of match, documentary with your smart phone, tablet, computer via Digiturk Yurtdisi app. You can pause the live broadcast and play broadcast back up to 12 hours.

6Can I watch broadcasts via TV and Smart Phone the same time in IP Box subscriptions?
You can watch only via one platform. When you sign in via the smart phone, tablet or computer, your TV broadcast will be paused.

7When does the order arrive?
After all the processes, your package will be processed by Digiturk Euro. When your package processes is completed, all orders that completed before 14.00 are shipped the same day. Your Digiturk package will arrive within 1 to 5 business days. Detailed information about Shpping & Delivery can be found here.

8which patterns of payment would you prefer?

Once you’ve made your package selection, choose your patterns of payment.

when you choose a monthly payment, you will pay the first month’s subscription fee in advance with the amount indicated in the first payment part. Monthly charges are made by automatic monthly withdrawal from the bank counter as indicated.

When you choose annually payment, you will pay all the fees, including in the package, in advance at the time of order. Attention please! Annually payments are always more advantageous than monthly payments. You can see the benefits of annually payments in the payment windows.

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